Radar Maps: Usage

wonder driving app 001 "Radar Maps" Ver. 1.0.0




Show the map. The blue ball is you, other icons are other users.


Panel on left

Display the distance to your nearest user. When filtering function is on, the distance to the nearest user with the same channel of you will be shown.

Panel on right

Display your channel number. When filtering function is on, show "F" mark. When background update function is on, show "B" mark.

Touch the Face

Touch to move the map. Pinch in and out will zoom in and out.


POSITION LOCK (toggle button)

Move the map and you will be in center. When you move down, schroll the map automatically.

ZOOM (toggle button)

At first it will work as "POSITION LOCK" and the nearest user must be shown in the face automatically with auto-zoom and out.


Show the channel select menu.


Show the set up menu.

RADAR (toggle button)

Switch from "Map Mode" to "Radar Mode". Radar mode shows heading up map.


When you touch to handle the map, "POSITION LOCK", "ZOOM" and "RADAR" buttons will be OFF.

Channel Select Menu


Select a channel. 001 is the default.

The icon of your selected channel will be shown on map of other users.

The following number of channel "[ n users ]" means the number of your near users within a 1 km radius.

Tap "Send message" to open iMessage menu.


Send message


"Send message" button in the Channel panel allows users to send an iMessage to friends notifying that they are using the Radar Maps app at a certain location under a certain channel with an URL. The recipient can tap on the URL to launch Radar Maps (if it is installed) and find the sender's location.

Set Up Menu

You can configure the followings.


When filtering is on, it shows only the users with the same channel.

Background Update

When background update is on, the application will update your location periodically.


Background update sends your location to other users periodically.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.